Microsoft Office is currently the latest version of Office 2016. There are many editions of Office 2016 Professional Product Keys, such as for Windows 10, Mac, and subscription (Office 365 Solo), outright type, and so on, but we tried to compare the prices of each.

  • 1 Office 365 solo price
    • 1.1 Subscription Service
    • 1.2 Usable on up to two Macs or Windows
    • 1.3 Always use the latest office
    • 1.4 All Office Apps available
    • 1.5 1TB of online storage available
    • 1.6 Office replacement costs are no longer needed
  • 2 If you use Office 2016 in two windows
    • 2.1 If you use less than two years
    • 2.2 If you use Excel and Word for more than three years
    • 2.3 If you use PowerPoint for more than three years
    • 2.4 If you use Access or publisher for more than five years
    • 2.5 students
  • 3 using Office 2016 on your Mac
    • 3.1 Commercial use of office
    • 3.2 People who do not use for work
    • 3.3 Student
  • 4 use on both Windows and Mac
  • 5 Corporate Office 365

Price of MS Office 365 solo

The key to talking about the price of Office 2016 is the price of Office 365 solo. What is Office 365 solo in the first place? This is a video of Microsoft’s explanation.

Is there anyone who can see and understand this? Does Skype have anything to do with office for 60 Minutes a month? OneDrive is 1TB… it’s great, but what does this have to do with Office?

IPhone, IPad, even Android can use Office.

This “bonus” is emphasized in the video, and there is no explanation about the difference with the Office of the conventional, permanent license version (outright type), the most anxious price.

Subscription service

A subscription service is a service that allows you to use Microsoft Office only while you are paying royalties.

Usable on up to two Macs or Windows 10

This is a huge benefit for Mac users like me. I’ve been buying office for Mac and Windows separately to use Office on both Mac and Windows 7 and later. With Office 365 solo, you can have two Macs, a Mac and one Windows, and two windows for flexibility.

Always use the latest Microsoft office 2016 Keys

Microsoft Office will be releasing a new version in roughly three years. Even if I don’t feel like using a new version myself, I have to switch to a new version when I start using the new version.

In this case, the Permanent License version (formerly outright type) office will need to purchase a new version.

However, Office 365 solo always lets you use the latest office. And the current version, which is available in Office 365 solo, is in office 2016 with Mac Windows.

All Office Apps available in MS Office2016

There is a limited office app that can be used by editions (Home and student or personal). Office 365 solo allows you to use all Office apps.

1TB of online storage available from Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft offers online storage called OneDrive. Since Windows 8 defaults to OneDrive, there are many Windows users who are not aware of using OneDrive. This onedrive can only use 5GB of space for free, but Office 365 solo will increase the capacity to 1TB.

I don’t need any more office replacement costs.

In the past, Microsoft Office needed to tens the replacement costs for each upgrade. If you do not want to upgrade the new office around you start to change the only version. And, the version up is sure to come every few years.

In addition, the older version will stop updating the security patch at the end of Microsoft support and will be virtually unusable because of the risk of computer viruses. Most recently, Office 2007 was closed on October 10, 2017, and was virtually unusable.

After all, Microsoft Office is not always available just because you bought it once, and it means that you have to buy every few years. If so, Office 365 makes sense to have the latest Office apps available for a monthly or yearly basis.

Of course, it is meaningless if the price is high, but for personal we suggest you to use MS Office Professional Plus 2016. Just Buy Office 2016 Professional Plus Product Key (1 User) codes only $49, This is a 80% discount compared to buying it elsewhere. Everything is working.

Buy Office Professional 2016 Key

Microsoft Office Professional 2016 – Download – 1PC

  • Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, and Access
  • Store files in the cloud with OneDrive
  • One-time purchase

How to activate Microsoft Office 2016?

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